(Last updated 30 May 2020)

Glitch in Mindspace – a novelette
Lex Johnson takes a trip to space accompanied by her crew – who are all consciousnesses stored on a computer. So it’s not great to find there’s a virus on said computer.
Progress: Trying to finish a rewrite.

Tree of the Lost – a novelette
Two pilgrims journey down a path from which none have returned in many years.
Progress: First draft is sitting in a corner while I get the necessary distance.

The Space Between Worlds
Eleanor Canning was born in the Cassian Network, a world of worlds, so when she steps through a portal to another world she isn’t that surprised. She is surprised to find out she can’t get back – and determined to find her way home, no matter the cost.
Progress: Putting this aside because it gets more complicated the more I work on it.

Hunter and Ebony (Working Title)
Ebony has just escaped from a long imprisonment underground, where she was subjected to genetic experiments and fights to the death. Alex Hunter is the only survivor of an ambush, unable to get back home. They must learn to trust one another in order to survive and strike back. Also, dragons.
Progress: I have a very rough and rambling outline that needs to be turned into a draft.