A (hopefully) 12-part series, released fortnightly, detailing the adventures of Janet Ling at a mysterious suburban hotel. Other worlds may be involved.

Part 1 – Interview
Janet interviews for a job at a strange hotel.

Part 2 – First Shift
Janet starts her first shift and makes a few unexpected discoveries.

Part 3 – Anchor
Janet finally gets some answers.

Part 4 – Decluttering
There’s a storage room that needs tidying.

Part 5 – Mind Tricks
Janet learns some new tricks.

Part 6 – Felicia
Janet attempts to sneak out of the hotel but is distracted when Felicia reveals some new information.

Part 7 – Room Service
Time passes, and Janet gets comfortable … but not for long.

Part 8 – Meetings
Discussions on how to deal with the current situation.

Part 9 – Portal
Robin and Paxton attempt to leave the hotel.