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Are Native Speakers the Best Teachers?

There is a high demand in China for native English speakers to teach their kids. But are they the best for the job? There are pros and cons to having a native speaker for a teacher, and some of these do depend on whether the native speaker happens to be bilingual.

The Importance of Art

Why is art important? People do ask that question. Why is art a thing you should devote your time and your life to? It doesn’t do anything, after all. It isn’t about anything real. It isn’t as useful as science, is it? Well, art is at least as ubiquitous as science. Sure, we all use science when we walk, throw a ball or use a computer, but we see art every time we watch something on a screen, listen to spotify or look at somebody’s photos on facebook (well, nobody said it had to be good art). Even in the days before all this modern media, we were telling stories and painting pictures on rocks. Art is a quintessential part of humanity.

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