Starting from June 2024, I will be sending chapters of my current work in progress, Tree of the Lost, via my newsletter.

In Tree of the Lost, three adventurers journey embark on a journey to heal a tree spirit taken by darkness, a journey others have attempted… but none have returned for ten years. To survive, the protagonists must learn to trust each other and to trust themselves.

I’ve been working on this story on and off for the last couple of years or more, and a lot of that work has been in rewriting. Going from first person to third person. Adding in points of view. Rethinking the magic system. Rethinking the plot. Like any journey, there seems to be giant barriers in getting the characters from point A to point B… which is where you come in. I would like to actually finish this current draft, and there’s nothing like a deadline and a waiting audience to do that. Keep in mind, these will be drafts of chapters and not a finished product – and so, of course, feedback would be welcome.

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