This is a Rimas Dissolutas — a poem where the rhymes are not in the stanzas, but across the stanza (i.e. line 1 of the first stanza rhymes with line 1 of the second, and so on). This one kind of got away from me. I started with the image of flying and did not expect to be writing about regrets. But that was the way the words fit together. I guess that’s the fun of poetry. Anyway, here goes:

If I could grow wings, and spread them, and soar
I’d never again rest my feet on the ground
I’d live far above the clouds in the sky
Sharing my song with only the birds
Never feeling the sting of this rain

If I could have my time over once more
I’d stand stock still ears open to sound
All around us the music will always reply
to our song, it just needs to be heard
I would listen to it if I had my time again.

And if I stopped and waited and really did try
I know I would hear it and find the right words
To stop feeling the depth of this pain