This is something I wrote in the quest to become more of a morning person. I’m not one, at all, but I’ve found that if I’m not at least a little productive in the morning the day tends to be less productive overall. Apparently snoozing is bad, but my bed is too comfortable for not snoozing to be easy. So this is something I’ve stuck next to my bed. The idea is that when my alarm rings, I recite this poem and then get out of bed immediately after the last line:

Rejoice in the dawn
Let the sleep fall away
It’s a bright shining morn
It’s a brand new day

What joys shall it bring?
Only one way to know:
The alarm is ringing
So out of bed I go!

If you have any issues with waking up, feel free to give this poem a shot. If you have any other tips on becoming a morning person, please share – I may be nearing desperation. Here’s hoping this works!